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Our Services

Fire Fighting Equipment's

We have more than 9 years experience in Residential & Commercial projects, Governmental Facilities, Aviation & Airports, Factories, Malls, Hotels, Healthcare Centers, and Schools.

Safety Equipment

A- Gas Detection Equipment
We provides products and solutions to Oil & Gas organizations across all of the main sectors. Across upstream, midstream and downstream operations, we facilitate the safety of those with...

Oil Tools and Drillings

We forge and machine down hole equipment for oil & gas applications, In every customer interaction, we operate with a dedication to quality, affordability and service.


Habshan provides various types : butterfly valves - gate valves - check valves - globe valves - ball valves - balance valves - y-type strainers - rubber joints – flanges- pipe fittings etc.


Habshan supplying a high-quality industrial pumps to the oil & gas and water sectors, providing wide range of pumps: Centrifugal pumps, fire pumps and system, inline pumps and multistage jockey pumps. With high standards.

Chemicals and Lubrications

Stimulation - Chemical EOR - Oil sands – Production – Drilling.
• Drilling Chemicals.
• Grease & Lubricants. • Cementing Additives. • Solvents. • Cleaners.


Industrial Filter Systems, Filter Housings, And Filter Cartridges. Durability and high efficiency in industrial, Domestic, and Commercial Applications.

Paints, Coating & Insulation

We provide the field of passive structural fire protection and industrial fire stop applications.
• Fire Rated Paints. • Industrial Marine Coating. • Fire Protection Solutions for the Aviation Industry.

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