Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

As to comply with international and local quality assurance and safety standards, and to meet customer’s requirement and further to the safety of human life, work place, equipment and material we have constituted strict quality and safety procedures and have ensured their strict compliance start from bidding on wards. Safety and quality control rules are involved in paper work and are observed accordingly throughout the execution of project.

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Our safety officer is responsible for manpower training, equipment, tools and material handling. Safety conscious trained work force is not left without safety supervisor on site. Minor and major accidents or near miss are reported and recorded followed with comprehensive inquiry, and precautionary measures are assured to avoid any mishaps again. We assure job description, hire effective and experienced workforce, provide on job safety training and ensure implementation of safety procedures and rules strictly.

Quality control in charge remains responsible for the complete process of procurement, storage and installations of material and equipment up to the entire satisfaction of client.

Procedure involves pre-inspection of required material and equipment, stock inspection, on delivery inspection and final inspection after erection/installation.

Quality inspection procedures are followed and recorded until the completion of project and the warranty period. General Manager of HABSHAN FIRE & SAFETY EQUIPMENTS heads quality inspection and safety department.